We are going to show you how to stream showbox free movies & series directly to your TV via Google Chromecast.
Along with Showbox app you would need another Android app called AllCast.

You can download and install AllCast from Here .

Please if you did not allow “Unknown sources” from your security options, go ahead and do that.

Stream movies with ShowBox to your TV via Chromecast

Select any movies or TV serie you would like to stream to Chromecast from Showbox.
Now you need to choose Other Player from the PLayer option under Watch & Download buttons.
showbox allcast
Secondly click the Watch button.

Most of the time the video is automatically played with MX player, sometimes you get to choose which Player you would like to watch the video.
If you get that just Choose AllCast from the list and you are almost done. If not please follow the tutorial below.

Assuming that you already watching the video from Showbox with MX player.
Tap anywhere in the screen to get the settings buttons.
Select tools than share and finally choose AllCast.
showbox chromecast

AllCast app will open and simply select Chromecast to stream movies and series to your TV.

showbox chromecast stream

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